Terms & Conditions

Next Diffusion is an independent, individual entity with no relationship or affiliation with any company, person, outfit, or group mentioned herein, even if such a name appears in our website name, domain, URL, or otherwise. So the company has created its terms and conditions, which will be acceptable to all clients and users.

Terms & Conditions

These all conditions will apply to the services given by Next Diffusion to the users. They will accept all these terms and conditions by signing specific documents. So read all given terms and conditions profoundly and follow them. If you can not take them, keep yourself away from the visit or our website. We will not provide you with our services.

✓ Policies And Privacies

All the selected campaigns will be applied by the requirements and specifications mentioned in the ads by Next Diffusion. The company can make minor changes in the policies at any time. It is necessary to accept all our privacy and approach to work with us. The communication between company and user is created through any mobile, mail, or online network. 

✓ Keywords Selection And Access To Websites

When a customer starts to work with us, a contract has been signed. After that, the client has to send his proper and accurate personal information as required by Next Diffusion. The company will send a blank form to the user to select Keyword. The customer has to fill this form and return it to the company within seven working days. The days’ duration will be starting after the day when the first payment is made or received. In the case of customer delays, the company can pick keywords that will be best for the user’s business, website, and marketing targets. After the selection in seven working days, the final notification will be sent by fax or email to the user. After that, the user can change or add more keywords according to his mind or need by paying charges.

To get on-site SEO services, a customer has to provide their website access to the company called Next Diffusion. If the user wants to make some changes in the contract, the customer will be given 30 days. After the revised additions of the agreement, it will submit again to the company. In case if you want to make changes again, then the contract will cancel, and as a result, no funds will be refunded to the user. The client must make sure that the given URL is in working condition. If the URL sent by the customer is wrong or not working, then Next Diffusion. will not be responsible for its listing because the search engine will terminate such a URL from its search results.

✓ Local Business Listing And Its Placement

It is known as an online profile of your business that helps interested customers find your company easily through an online search. So if you want to activate your business listing, you have to share the PIN activation code that you will receive through cell or email. When the customer gets this PIN, it has to send to Next Diffusion in 15 days. In case if the company will not get the PIN, the company will not be responsible for any harmful effect on the contract. Next Diffusion makes the best efforts to increase the customer’s website ranking but does not promise because the local business listing is limited to specific areas.

✓ Request To Make Changes In The Website

Next Diffusion worked on the front and back end of the user’s website and changed. The image from coding that might be present on these pages is as

  • Text
  • Extra, Medium, Large Sitemaps
  • Images
  • Text content
  • Files
  • Meta tags
  • Anchor tags
  • Headers of the page


The customer agrees to work with us on these aspects by subscribing to our company’s services. During the contract, while working, if the ranking declines or is deleted because of the customer’s changes, the company will not be responsible.

Suppose the customer wants Next Diffusion to change the contract in already included changes. In that case, the company has the right to charge an extra fee or extend the contract. Customers can also contact the company on the website through phone, email, and other means of communication given on the website to request them to make some changes in the company’s work.

✓ Acceptance By Next Diffusion Ltd

Next Diffusion has the right to collect data from the customer’s website to perform SEO as per the contract.

Data Includes

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Texts
  • Phone Number
  • Company Address
  • Name of the company
  • Name of the Customer
  • Social Media Pages Etc


This data is necessary for advertisement and promotional purposes on the platform given in the contract. Customers must use the feature of copyrighted content on the website. So when any corrective action is taken against the content upgraded, promoted, or advertised by the company from the customer’s website because the content was not copyrighted. The company will not be answerable for those actions that customers will face.

✓ Inspection Of Performance And Reports

The company sends a ranking report to the customer before performing any SEO work on the customer’s website. This report helps and gives the customer some information to analyze the website’s ranking for the keywords selected in the contract.

The ranking criteria of the keywords be inspected on significant search engines like

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing


and after that further reports will be sent to the customers during the contract. When the customer checks the information, the ranking of the keywords can be different compared to when accounts are created. Next Diffusion provides links to the customers for the submission, and it also provides the Google analytics reports to the customer.

✓ Service Charges

The customer is responsible for paying the fixed amount to Next Diffusion at the decided date. The customer has to avoid making any delay in the payment because, as a result, the company can suspend your account or send you a warning email. Furthermore, when the company does not receive the payment within the timeline, the company can take any legal action against the customer. Moreover, the customer will also have to pay all legal charges the company will face for taking legal steps.

Next Diffusion has the right to share customer’s personal information like

  • Billing Information
  • Credit Card Information


And any other information related to payment with existence helps the company make payments and complete the payment processes.

✓ Renewal Of The Contract

If the customer wants or the company feels the need to renew the contract, a new contract will be generated after canceling the previous contract. The agreement will occur with the company according to the same terms and conditions and privacy policies agreed by the customer in the last contract. But the startup charges and the payment amount will not be included or charged again. If he does not want to renew or change the account automatically, he has to send a notice of seven days to Next Diffusion.

✓ Cancelation Criteria Of Services

If the customer wants to cancel the contract of taking services like search engine marketing, he can do it 24 hours after receiving payment. If the customer sends a cancellation request notice to the company within 24 hours of the price, the customer will earn no refund. The refunded amount is to be given to the customer for sending the cancelation request 24 hours after Next Diffusion. Receives the payment. If a cancelation request is sent later than 24 hours after the company gets the price will amount to no refunds for the customer. As an outcome, the customer will have to pay cancelation charges. If the customer knows that the selected keywords are ranking on the first page of Google and ranking highly, but he still wants to cancel the contract, then the cancelation fee will be higher than what’s mentioned in the agreement.

✓ Local Business Listing

According to the contract, the local business listing will be created by Next Diffusion for search engines. With the use of all mentioned SEO means such as

  • Blogs
  • Social networking websites
  • Social bookmarking websites
  • Web directories etc


the company promotes and optimize Customer’ website. It will take 30 days to start the campaign after receiving the payment from the customer. To activate the local business listings company needs to provide an activation code to the customer. Maintenance of the ranking is the main target of the customer, which depends on the selection of keywords. The company will provide its best efforts to make high the order of customers website but will not respond to keep it on top results.

✓ Money On Per Click Campaign

Next Diffusion. Cannot guarantee direct or indirect results as pay-per-click campaigns. It uses its best skills and experience to get the most out of the PPC campaign for its customer. The company has to let the customer use its search engine account. If the customer does not have a search engine account, then Next Diffusion. will create a new one. After all vast efforts, the company cannot guarantee an increase in customer’s 

  • Signups
  • Conversions
  • Inquiries
  • Sales
  • Boosting of websites statistics


A paper containing questions will be sent to the customer by the company. The customer will be required to return the completed questionnaire when the billing cycle is in effect. If the customer does not replace the completed questionnaire as per the mentioned time, he must pay cancellation charges to the company. Same as if a Customer will feel unsatisfied with the company’s services, the customer has the right to compensation. He needs to contact the company’s customer service or send mail or fax as notice for the termination of the contract.

The company needs to access the customer’s website through FTP to perform remarketing and content network services. It will provide banners to the customer and wait for approval before starting the service. The client has the right to ask questions about the flag without paying anything for it For any repeated revisions. The customer will have to pay additional charges as mentioned in the contract. Customers can provide its banners too. The account created by the company can be got by the customer when services are terminated. But the payment of transfer will be compulsory, and the report must go through the formal process of transfer of ownership. Next Diffusion has the right to terminate its best services without payment from the customer.

✓ Changing Rate Of Optimization

The company makes changes and develops a copy according to the need, after asking some essential questions from the customer about improving the website. Next Diffusion sends the manuscript to the customer to make changes or add something. The monthly charges of the contract include

  • Costs Of Technical Support
  • Taxes
  • Supervision Of Managers


The deficiency of time as per the leave of Saturday, Sunday and also granted leaves managed compensated by giving extra hours.

✓ Design And Development Of Website

The company needs to get approval from Customers on website design and navigation on the email. After getting approval, the website design and navigation are implemented. All changes the customer wants to make after the support will be charged by Next Diffusion. All web pages sent to the batch are readable two times. After the two free revisions, more revisions will not be allowed. The company will ask the customer questions to know what areas need improvement. Then a copy is provided to the customer to receive approval. Then the graphical contents will be in digital format. Possible entries should be in the database. Free email accounts based on the customer’s domain are included in the services. 

✓ Contract’s Disclaimer

Except for payment obligations, No party is liable for failure or delay of resulting from a condition beyond the reasonable control of the party, including but not limited to acts of

  • God (Natulal calamities)
  • Government Issues
  • Terrorism
  • Natural disaster
  • Labor conditions
  • Power failures etc


In the case of natural calamities, no party will be responsible for the loss or bad result. Therefore, the parties agree on the continuing payments, which will remain full force until terminated.

✓ Restriction Imposed On Use

The customer will not get involved in an illegal advertisement or encourage other parties not to do anything known to be fraud in business in order with the agreement. The company has the right from the customer to proceed to advertisements of keywords for internet marketing purposes that have been decided in the contract between Next Diffusion. and the Customer. Customers also take responsibility here that information provided to the firm is fully updated and accurate and that any of the products or services provided to the company do not breach third-party rights, code of conduct, regulations, and laws. If a customer is doing any of that, the company will cancel the contract, and the customer will be responsible for paying termination charges for its conduct.

✓ Penalty Charges

The customer has to follow all the rules, regulations, privacy policies, terms, and conditions, clauses mentioned in the contract, due dates of the payments, etc. In case of any neglection, delay without any notice or mail and fax, the company will terminate the agreement—the cancellation charges imposed on the other party called customer. The company is giving its best to protect the customer from all actions taken against the customer company ​or both about search engine marketing campaign or its violation. The customer also agrees and is responsible that it will protect the company against the

  • Costs
  • Liabilities
  • Expenses
  • Losses
  • Damage


✓ Conclusion Or Miscellaneous

This agreement will be the final agreement between the Customer and Next Diffusion related to the relevant subject. All other terms and conditions will be applied after some questionaries. All the contract parties agree that they will not share the terms within this agreement with any third party. 

All types of notice sent to the company’s website. The customer has no right or liberty to take any other action not mentioned in the signed contract. So to go with us, it is necessary to follow all the terms and conditions imposed by the company. 

If you need some more information, ask your questions to us through phone, mail, or fax.

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